Innovation - Call Center Solutions

Drive efficiency and
customer service levels.

Customer expectations when met in the correct way bring greater engagement and long-term relationships. As a business that uses call centers for customer service, you can transform customer experiences and maximize productivity by opting for the latest call center technology from Saberpoint to identify and validate customers by a simple one-touch confirmation on their smartphones.

Drive efficiency and 
customer service levels.

How does the Call Center Identification work?

  • User calls the call center
  • The call center sends an authentication message to the user’s smartphone
  • User confirms identity via the smartphone
  • User is authenticated before speaking to the call center representative

Benefits of One Touch Call Center Caller Identification

  • Enables complete caller identification
  • Requires no additional equipment for the callers
  • Geo-location identification for fraud protection
  • Easy deployment
  • Reduced call times
  • Lowered operational costs
  • Improved customer experience